Fakhre Alam


Sila Ladies Beach

Online registration
Booking for self and kids or other fmaily members regintered under her account
View avialable classes in different activities, all the classes are based on age limit
Make or cancel bookings in different activity clasees like Gym, Swimming etc
View previous activities
Admin Section:
Statistics of user registrations, activities, timetables, bookings, attendances, just visits in figures and dynamic charts and graphs all in one page with export feature.
Admin can add/remove activities, timetables, attendance, visits, approve accounts, dynamic announcements and many more.

Sila Ladies Beach
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Login page at tablet view

Registration page

Registration page

Home Page

Home Page after login showing registed account


Single user profile page

Booked Class

Profile page showing booked class


Interactive timetable or class availability page

Confirm Booking

Booking confirmation popup showing selected details

Booking Receipt

Booking receipt with student and class detail, map and instructions


Help and complain widgets with options to whatsapp, call or copy number

Admin Dashboard

All statistics in one page

Admin Timetable creation

User fiendly and interactive UI to create timetables