Fakhre Alam


Membership Management System

Web Based Membership Management System which can be used at Gym or any other clubs where customers are needed to subscribed duration based membership.
This application manages Membership registration in multiple dynamic packages (like Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly or even daily)
is also issues a Membership card and link that physical card to his record, any number of paid membership cards can be issued if previous one is lost from member.
On renewal of membership it will add remaining days in current page to upcoming renewal.
On each transaction (like registration, renewal or re-issue card) it will generate receipt which can be printed and given to member.
There is also Attendance system, Members has to scan the barcode on their card, or admin can search his record by phone, name or national ID and make manual attendance.
Dashboard has all statistics in textual form as will as dynamic and interactive graphs and charts.

Membership Management System
HTML PHP CSS3 HTML5 MySql BootStrap JQuery Ajax Responsive Cake PHP export to PDF mobile friendly Emirates ID Scanner Excel Export Multilingual

Dashboard with different statistics in text and dynamic charts/graphs

Membership Registration

Membership registration page with Emirates ID reader and SMS OTP feature

List of Members

List of all members with advanced filters and export features

Single Member Detail page

Member detail page showing full information about member

Membership Renewal

Membership package renewal page showing remaining days will be transfered


On each transaction a receipt will popup which can be printed through thermal or regular printer

Attendance Page

Attendance page where Member information is displayed on scanning barcode. And a button to mark his/her attendance.

Financial Report

Report showing transactions with amount and payment method, it can be filtered/sorted by any field