Emirates ID Reader Windows Desktop App

A Desktop Application to read Emirates ID data and export to different target location like Excel, MS Access, My SQL, MS SQL, ZOHO CRM, Send Keys to opened applications, Paste data automatically into excel cells, directly print labels, and many more feature. It will require zero support every thing is fully dynamic you can enable disable or change any functionality yourself within minutes easily.

Main Screen

Shwing Image, Emirates ID Fields and at the right side these are custom fields

Show / Hide Emirates ID fields

Show or hide any field with just a checkbox

Create Custom Fields

Add Custom fields of your own choice and requirements. it has all common types

Fields to Export

Its in your control to choose which fields need to be exported and which are not needed

Enable or Disable Excel Export

Excel export can be enabled just with checkbox, and specify excel file path

MS Access Database Export

You can enable MS Access export, specify connection string, specify table, test connection

My SQL export

You can enable disable My SQL Export, Specify connection credentials

Create Table Query

If you are exporting to MySQL or MS SQL Server, then it also provides you create table query

MS SQL Server Export

MS SQL Server export can also be enabled or disabled just with a checkbox, there is also connection string and table name where it has to export data


ZOHO CRM Export can also be enabled or Disabled with a check box only, also all the API connection credentials can be modified any time

Custom API Export

If you have any custom rest API, it has method types, url and optional header if it is expected by your API

Send Keys to any opened application

If you do not want to technically integrate to your existing application but still want Emirates ID data to be copied in your other applications, you can automate it with Send Keys feature

Paste to Excel Cells

If you have any specific document type like invoice etc. you can automate it to automatically send data to specified excel cell

Label Printer

Like in hospitals, if you want to print labels you can configure here in this page

Label Fields Mapping

In this page you can Map fields of your prn file. (PRN file is actually sample of your label)

All Integration Possible

It can be integrated to any system, file or printer

General Settings

Change format of Emirates ID Number, Date Format, Show/hide image, change header colors and many more

Save Settings

You can save settings as file, and switch to any setting with in seconds easily. Or you can copy these setting to other PCs too

User Manual

Application has build-in simple and easy manual for users of this application