Fakhre Alam


kpk Price lists App

A phonegap application for multiple districts of KPK to provide daily price lists of items under multiple categories like Rashion, Fruits, Vegetables and Sweets etc.
It is connected to online database and fetches latest data via web services, keeps currently fetched data on mobile for future use if internet is not available that data is served.

Home Page

Showing item Categories and default district is selected can be seen near logo

Item listing page

Items are listed with name in english, image, price, last price went up or down, and last price updated before (d = days, m=month)

Single Item Page

Single Item page shows Items name, Image, Current Price, Unit, Last update date, and a table of few previous prices with dates

Item listing table view 1

Item listing in table view, view can be changed easily and instantly without interacting to server

Items view in simple table

no fancyness, clean and white list

Settings page

User can change district, language and default item listing view to (boxes, table and simple table)

Home page urdu

same as english only language is changed to Urdu

Item listing page in urdu

Design wise is same as English, only language is changed to Urdu

urdu table listing

same as English only language is Urdu

urdu simple table

same as English only language is changed to Urdu

settings page in urdu

same as english version


Google Play promo image

playstore link

Scan the qr code and get the google play store link of this app